Jeremy Corbyn’s Statement on Antisemitism

You should have received the following email from Jeremy Corbyn yesterday, Sunday 5th August.

“I want to share this video message about the problem of antisemitism that Labour is working to overcome — and the need to support and guarantee the security of Jewish communities. Antisemitic abuse has no place in our Party or movement. No one with such views acts in my name, or the name of our Party. They are not our supporters. They may be few: the number of cases over the past three years represents less than 0.1 per cent of Labour’s membership of over half a million. But one is too many. And anyone who denies this has surfaced within our Party is contributing to the problem.

I want Jewish people to feel at home in the Labour Party and be able to play their full part in our campaigning work to take our country forward. Driving antisemitism out of our party for good, and working with the Jewish community to rebuild trust, are vital priorities. Anti-racism is at the core of our movement. We must act to unite people of all communities to overcome inequality and prejudice, and build a fair country for all.”

Please look at Jeremy Corbyn’s Statement on Antisemitism if you haven’t already. It is important that members get the Party’s full message direct and not as filtered and spun by the media.

Mandate Your Conference Delegates. 1st Sept.

Your delegates to Labour Party Conference, Mark White and myself, are committed to representing your views as well as we possibly can. Conference may be difficult this year with a number of potentially divisive issues, the most obvious being antisemitism and the EU although other very important issues will be on the agenda. Please help us by coming to this Special General Meeting to debate and vote to determine this Constituency’s policies. You can, if you wish, submit proposals for a ‘Contemporary Motion’ to Conference but note that the criteria for these (attached) are very tight. If you would like to put forward any motions for debate at this meeting, whether a possible Conference Contemporary Motion or to establish Constituency policy on a Conference issue you must get the wording with proposer and seconder to me no later than Monday 27th August. Late Motions will not be accepted but amendments to anything on the agenda may be put forward for debate at the meeting. I will circulate an agenda with any motions received prior to the meeting and will send out the National Policy Forum Annual Report and any other relevant stuff as soon as I get it. The meeting is from 11.00am to 1.00pm at Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre, Bowling Lane, Off Scarborough Road,  Norton, YO17 8EG.

Andy McDonald Promises Rural Transport Policy

The meeting with Andy McDonald last Saturday was extremely successful with 40 members and supporters present, a fascinating talk from Andy and very lively debate on a wide range of policy issues. A fuller report will follow but particularly worth noting that, in response to the debate, Andy agreed, as Shadow Transport Secretary, that he will include specific proposals on Rural Transport in the next General Election Manifesto.

Obituary: Jill Knight

I’m sad to have to tell you that our member Jill Knight of Hovingham died a week ago. Jill was an exceptional comrade, committed, active and engaged in the fight for socialism all her life. At the age of 80 she was our Agent for the 2015 General Election and put more into it than any other member bar the candidate. She was a warm, witty and uplifting comrade and will be greatly missed. There will be a commemorative event in the Autumn and I will pass on details when they are available.

Best wishes, Mick Johnston, Constituency Secretary.

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